Question: I have a 1995 Ford Windstar and the drivers side power window stopped working suddenly. It worked when I parked it one night at the air port, but when I got back in 3 days later, it wouldn't work. (had to lower it to get ticket, then raise it, but wouldn't go down at the exit gate 3 days later) The passenger side and the rear vents do work. I hear a clicking noise at the relay when I press the down button, so I switched relays with the passenger side. The passenger side still works using the drivers side relay, so I assume the relay is not the problem. I still hear a clicking noise at the relay no matter which relay I use. Can you help?

Answer: The circuit in question (according to a mitchell wiring diagram) contains a main power window switch, passenger switch, 5 fuses, a battery saver relay, a delayed accessory relay, a one touch down relay, window motors for both front doors, and a electronic module. A problem with any of these items or a problem with the ground circuits and or wiring can cause the system to operate improperly. It's hard to say which relays your hearing click. You can try banging on the drives door while applying the window switch, but beware it may get stuck in the down position, this trick sometimes will get a bad motor to work again temporarily. The system is complicated and diagnosis is probably best left to an repair shop. If you are going to try to diagnosis the system yourself you'll need a wiring diagram and be able to read one. At this time autorepaiadvisors doesn't supply technical assistance for the do it yourselfer. A wiring diagram can be purchased front the alldata web site and technical assistance is also available for a fee from that same site, a link is on our web site. If we can be of further assistance please let us know.

Response: Thank you very much. I'll try banging on the door first, and if that doesn't work, I'll take it to the Ford dealer.

Question: Hi: I have a 1988 GMC pickup. The blower motor quit working. I have checked all the fuses, and all show good. What should be my next step?

Answer: The system in question contains a variable speed blower switch, a blower motor, a blower resistor, fuse and allot of wiring and several connectors. Try the blower switch in every position, if it doesn't work in any position your problem could be any of the above. If it does blow in any of the speeds, you know the blower motor works, and your problem is most likely the blower resistor. A quick short cut that works sometimes is to tap the blower motor with a hammer while the switch is in the on position and see if it starts working again, if it does your problem is most likely the motor, but could be in the anything you disturbed while hitting the motor.(connecter,wires,etc) To diagnosis the system you need to be able to read a wiring diagram and have access to one, along with a test light and volt meter. I would start by checking for power and a good ground at the blower motor. At this time, we don't provide technical assistance for the technician, but provide the laymen an idea of what the problem could be so that your more informed about it's systems when you go into the repair shop. Their are several links on our site that can provide a wiring schematic and further assistance to you. (



I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy with 53,000 miles on it. My problem is when I start the vehicle, the gauges will not come on. They are dead. The vehicle will continue to operate normally except now when I accelerate, it feels like the transmission is slipping or I have my foot on the brake. It is very sluggish and will not go. It takes about 2 minutes then the gauges will "Come on" but the engine still responds the same. Only if I turn off the vehicle and restart it will it act normal. This problem does not happen all the time only once a week but it is getting more frequent. I also notice the "Check engine" light is on but if I change or add gas... the light will go out. I have gone to several different gas stations and used all types of gas. Could all this be a gas problem or something more extensive? Can you help me? Thank you.



You may have a bad ignition switch, we have heard of several similar vehicles having this problem and the ignition switch fixed it. The ignition switch apparently feeds the transmission power and instrument cluster. Inside the ignition switch several contacts go bad. I would recommend taking the vehicle to a qualified technician for onsite diagnosis.

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